Vicky Jackson – Member Spotlight

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Vicky Jackson – Member Spotlight

Vicky Jackson AVONMy name is Vicky Perez Jackson. My background is Hispanic; born in Mexico City and raised in Southern California.  I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative and Training Leader.  I started my Avon business January 11, 2003 and in March, 2007 joined the leadership program.  I became a Unit Leader that year, have sold at President’s Club level (sales of $10,100) and last year made it to Honor Society level ($20,200).  I am now a Training Leader with 60 representatives in my downline.  I enjoy meeting new customers, servicing existing customers, signing up new representatives and training my downline.  Helping both men and women start their own business is a wonderful feeling.  I support them anyway I can by creating tutorials, flyers, informational documents, etc.; anything that my team needs to be successful.  I not only provide these to my team, but to other Avon representatives and District Managers.  They have called me their “go to person” when they can’t find products or information on the Avon website.

When I first started with Avon, I was so shy that when I was out distributing brochures and saw someone, I’d avoid them.  Now, I have the confidence to speak with people about Avon and the Avon opportunity.  I am always looking to add to my team.  Avon has helped me with my family finances as well.  My daughter, Emily, has been my partner throughout my Avon career and continues to encourage me.  It’s becoming a family business with everyone at one time or another helping me distributing brochures and / or delivering orders.  I love to do fundraisers!  I participate in lots of vendor opportunities.

Avon is not my only job; I work full-time at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo and have with Aerospace for over 30 years.  I am also a Real Estate Agent with First American Team Realty, Los Alamitos.  I enjoy showing new clients properties and it’s a great feeling to find the perfect home for them.  I recently joined Doreen’s MonaVie team.  My testimonial with MonaVie is my son, Nick.  He is 12 years old in 7th grade now, but last year in 6th grade he became ill.  He was vomiting every day, had headaches and his stomach hurt; the diagnoses was acid reflux and was given prevacid.  He started drinking the MonaVie juice while still taking prevacid.  One day I asked him if he was taking prevacid, he said, no, that he’s been taking MonaVie Mx and hasn’t had any reflux problems! No stomach pain or throwing up. He even lost weight because he’s had more energy and has been walking the dog.

I also teach Sunday catechism at St. Joseph’s Church in Long Beach.  Have been teaching for over 6 years and Emily has been my classroom aide for about 3-4 years now.  Started as an aide, taught the 1st year catechism program to 1st and 2nd grader, and this year, Emily and I will be teaching the 4th grade.

W.I.N. has helped me to bloom with my Avon business as well as real estate.  I have met so many wonderful ladies not only to network with, but new friendships have arisen out of this networking.

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