Sandy Lieberman

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Sandy Lieberman

Sandy, Co-Owner / NRA & Artemis Certified Instructor / Business Development

Sandy has long been a passionate advocate for education and learning, regardless of the field or subject one pursues. Her years of experience as the owner of the Academic Coaching Institute, her degree in Industrial Organization, as well as her background in hotel management, lends her ability to develop the business model for which the Artemis Defense Institute was founded upon. During the early stages of Artemis, Sandy’s non-shooter status was a conscious effort in order to cultivate the program in which non-shooters could find as an entry into home self defense and the sport of shooting. Although, she is now NRA Certified, you will find her behind the desk or pounding the pavement as she continues to map out and develop the future of Artemis.

Sandy believes that food is the best way to learn about people and their culture… whether partaking in the experience, or learning the roles of food items during ceremony. In her spare time, you can find Sandy baking a loaf of bread, cooking up a storm, or watching a chick flick with her husband. She loves peanut butter chocolate ice cream and enjoys crocheting hats.

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