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Denise Leja with AflacDenise Leja is an Agent with Aflac.

Tell us about your business.
AFLAC provides cash benefits to policyholders and families in case of major or minor health events, such as accidental injuries or sicknesses such as heart attacks, cancer, strokes. Aflac also provides cash paying benefits for dental and life insurance. AFLAC policyholder’s can use the cash as they see fit to help pay for left over medical bills (co-pays/ deductibles), monthly household expenses and possible loss of income.

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What do you enjoy about your business?
I enjoy providing people with the peace of mind by financially protecting family income and assets when major health events arise.

What led you to your line of work?
Unlimited growth and earning potential. I have worked at major companies like Disney (at the Disneyland Resort) & Cintas Corp. and small accounting & payroll companies, where I couldn’t excel as fast as I wanted. The skills and knowledge I gained at each of those companies was great, and led me to this 1099 position where I am my own boss.

Do you have other hobbies or passionate about other things?
My hobbies include dancing (I love dancing to electronic dance music and Latin music), I enjoy going to theme parks (I have an annual pass for Disneyland & Six Flags Magic Mountain), going to the movies, hiking, and working out (boot camp style).

What is something unique about you?
I grew up in Anaheim, & worked at Disneyland, which has made me a Disney fan. I know some random trivia and know where to find hidden Mickeys at the Disney Parks… most people don’t know that about me.

Are there resources you need to help grow your business or reach your goals?
Access to potential businesses and individuals that can benefit from the financial protection and that Aflac can provide.

Ways to Connect with Denise:

Phone: (714) 319-0898



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