By-Laws and Rules

Mission Statement

Women In Networking: Helping women empower themselves and network for their businesses.

Women In Networking is much more than just a business networking organization—though plenty of that goes on here too. It’s about making connections, creating a sense of community, supporting each other, and learning to be the best you can be.

Women In Networking is a monthly social networking experience for women in Long Beach and Irvine’s surrounding areas.  The goal is to get like-minded women together in a comfortable environment that facilitates relationship building in a non-threatening way, allowing socializing and networking to occur naturally.

Join Us

We welcome women to our Facebook page and to our website (

Men are also encouraged to join our newest chapter, Men that W.I.N., through the chapter’s Facebook page (Men that W.I.N.)  and see your chapter’s website which is accessible through

In order to be acknowledged as our Facebook friend, you must first register through the website.  Register here.

Facebook Rules & Etiquette:

If you do not want to receive an email notification every time someone posts on the Facebook page go to “Edit Settings” and in Custom Notifications select your preferences.  You must establish your settings for each group you join; settings follow the group, not the friend.

Our goal on Facebook is to inform, educate, and inspire each other.  We realize you want to promote your own business and encourage you to create a “fan page” and share that with the group.

We reserve the right to remove postings which are argumentative, that disparage another’s business, that contain crudity or nudity, that are repetitive (post your week’s events once – not daily) … you get the point!  Remember: your words matter; they reflect the type of person you are; once said they can not be taken back; so choose your words carefully!

If you have your own networking group and want to post information about your group and its meetings, first get permission by emailing your request through the website’s contact page.  Unauthorized postings may be removed.


Go to the About Us page to see list of Team Leaders who are available to hear your concerns, thoughts, suggestions, and questions. Or become a Team Leader yourself – get involved, host a new chapter, explore the possibilities.

Let us know how you would like to get involved! Send us a message here.